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Trekkie doggy in Star Trek apparel.Find a variety of fun merchandise at our Omniverz Shops located on the CafePress website.
Custom designs on a variety of products like shirts, mugs, hats, water bottles and more. Original & creative gifts by Omniverz.

More Shops to Come
in Near Future!

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Twilight Stop Shop 
The Volturi are the vampire royalty in the Twilight Saga. The most powerful coven, they enforce the law throughout the their community. 
A custom Volturi Coven logo for their mortal fans.
Shop Now!  

Volturi Coven Design on shirt

Star Trek

Happy Trekkie Shop
Star Trek merchandise for Trekkies and Trekkers throughout the Federation of Planets.
Beam over to the Happy Trekkie Shop to explore. Shop Now

Star Trek t-shirt

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