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Low-Priced Gift Ideas
Gifts for $15 or Less

US flag on keychain by omniverz.comThis is a small sample of the many gift choices available for under $15. One design can have multiple product and material choices with different price ranges.

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Cubicle Sweet Cubicle
Print for Your Office

Feel nice and cozy in your personal work space with a heart warming message. This colorful office poster decoration welcomes you and your fellow coworkers to your home away from home. Buy Now! 

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Print

Official Retirement
Club Mug

Welcome to retirement! Membership in the retiree club means no more alarm clocks, plenty of free time, travel and fun. Enjoy and celebrate retiring in style with the Official Retirement Club Membership Logo.
Buy Now!

Official Retirement Mug created by

Cat Smiling
Coffee Mug

A funny cat picture. Cat smile invites everybody to smile back. A happy cat picture with bold red type saying "Smile". Unique gift idea for pet owners and animal lovers - especially for cats. Buy Now!

Cat Smiling coffee mug design

Young American
US Flag Shirt

A baby shower or a newborn baby gift for both boys and girls is a patriotic gift idea. Playful design with jumping colorful letters saying "america". Baby blue and pink US flag in background.
Buy Now!

Infant T-shirt with American Flag and multi-colored letters saying America

Vulcan Smiley
Tote Bag

Vulcans are smiling on the inside - kind of. But, they really do want you to have a nice day! This Star Trek bag is for Trekkies, Trekkers and Smilie fans everywhere. Buy Now!

Vulcan Smilie Canvas bag for trekkies designed by

United Federation of Planets
Flag Mousepad

A Star Trek flag from the popular science-fiction TV show and movies. Buy Now!

Official Star Trek Federation flag mouse on mousepad by

Men at Sip
Coffee Mug

Enjoy your coffee break at work with a coffee mug design for just that purpose.
Buy Now!

menat sip coffee mug by

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