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Smiling cat image sold at Omniverz.comFunny t-shirts, gifts and decorations. Creative gift ideas for everyone.

Find novelty gifts like humor t-shirts, funny mugs, hats and canvas tote bags to give throughout the year.

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Men at Sip
Coffee Mug

Enjoy your coffee break at work with a coffee mug design for just that purpose. Buy Now! 

Men at Sip Mug created at

Stressed Worker
Coffee Mug

Feeling a bit stressed at work? Warning will leave them laughing and relating to how your feel. Funny office gifts idea. Buy Now!

Stressed worker warning mug from

Stress Free
Zone Print

Declare your personal work space as a stress free zone. Now your space is off-limits to all the office craziness around you. Calming blue and white color layout. Buy Now!

Stress free zone poster from

Evergreen Cemetery
Humor Shirt

Join Us for Rest & Relaxation.
Funny and scary at the same time. Everyday can be Halloween with this horror product.
 Buy Now!

Evergreen cemetery funny shirt from

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle
Print for Your Office

Feel nice and cozy in your personal work space with a heart warming message. This colorful office poster decoration welcomes you and your fellow coworkers to your home away from home. Buy Now!

cubicle sweet cubicle print from

Listen to
the Game Print

This sports fan at work poster will alert noisy co-workers that the game is on and you would like to hear it. Funny poster for sport fans. Buy Now!

Quiet listening to game poster from

Potter's Field, USA

Loved so much, nobody leaves.
Potter's Field cemetery item. 
Buy Now!

Potter's Field funny shirt from

Cat Smiling

Cat smile invites everybody to smile back. A happy cat picture with bold red type saying "Smile". Unique gift idea for pet owners and animal lovers - especially for cats. Buy Now!

cat smiling from

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